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Looking for a new and existing way to track your personal finance or petty cash? How about speaking naturally? 

If opening spreadsheet and scrolling up and down bores you; and you still want to track how money goes in and out your wallet then try this google sheet add-on google sheet add-on. This google sheet add-on records what you speak naturally to track your personal finances. The add-on uses natural language processing and leverage the voice feature of google assistant to make your life easy. 

The Add-on is connected to a google calendar, hence families and groups can share a single calendar to record all their expenses in a single sheet.

Moment you buy your train ticket our pay for the new dress or get a bonus, simply open google assistant and speak naturally to create the income or expense entry.  Alternate to google assistant you can directly create an event on google calendar. Add-on will record the event on google sheet.

Speak into your smartphone every time you do a transaction. At the bus stop, coffee shop, anywhere you have internet access.  Simply speak naturally and the add-on will automatically make an entry in the google sheet. Make tracking personal finance fun, instant, convenient and on the go. Make tracking personal finance easy, instant and on the go. Save time.

You speak naturally, add-on records orderly

For entries that you want to track but not count in total, set them as fyi. Example, credit card payment whose entries you have individually tracked when they occurred.

Free version captures 10 entires per month. This should be good enough for most users. See instruction in how to use for one time purchase of full version for unlimited entries.

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