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Moneytor – personal finance

HuG May 30, 2021 Cloud, Google Sheets

Monitor Personal finance using google sheet Moneytor is a personal finance software for tech savvy enthusiasts. Moneytor is a Google sheet-addon that integrated with Plaid to download bank and credit card transactions into Google sheet. Moneytor automatically downloads daily transactions and categorizes them saving you time and shows you up to date information of your […]

How to automatically send PayPal transactions to Google Sheet

HuG November 8, 2020 Cloud , , , ,

Online merchants who sell goods and services and use PayPal for payment processing can benefit from this blog. The blog describes steps to automatically download daily transactions and money transfer from PayPal into Google Sheets. This automation can help save time and reduce back office cost. Linking PayPal with Google Sheets is easy. Follow the […]

Prep notes – AWS Certified Associate Architect

HuG December 28, 2019 AWS, Cloud , , ,

Preparing and successfully passing AWS CAA exam is an exciting journey. Congrats on making the decision to undertake this journey. Here are some prep notes on AWS services that can augment your exam preparation. For me, they came in handy during the final days before the exam. This blog can serve as a good starting […]

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