AWS, CloudPrep notes – AWS Certified Associate Architect

Prep notes – AWS Certified Associate Architect

CloudFront – CDN

  • Distribute content with low latency and high data transfer speeds. CDN reduces the load on origin servers
  • Uses AWS edge location to distribute content
  • Edge location – Location to cache the content. It is different than AWS region
  • Using CDN content at edge location can be modified or restricted based on geo location
  • Origin – Origin of the content. S3 for static objects, EC2 for dynamic content 
  • Distribution – Collection of Edge location from where content is distributed to users
  • Two type
    • Web – for web content
    • RTMP – for media distribution
  • TTL – Time to Live, time after which content is refreshed from origin
  • Invalidate object – Force to get the content from origin
  • Use CDN for signed URL to distribute paid content

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