AWS, CloudPrep notes – AWS Certified Associate Architect

Prep notes – AWS Certified Associate Architect


  • Route53 is AWS DNS and hosting service
  • A record – points domain name to IP Iv4
  • AAAA record – points domain name to IP Iv6
  • Alias record – This is amazon specific, it is used to route to a static page in S3, web API, CloudFront,  ELB etc
  • CNAME – Canonical records, used to redirect to another website
  • Different routing rules
    • Simple routing – Config multiple A records, each point to an IP of the web server. AWS will random serve the page for any one IP
    • Weighted routing – Assign weight to each A record. AWS calculate sums the record and gets the total. Assign weight using total calculated not 100. Routes traffic based on the weight
    • Latency routing – Based on users IP, AWS determines the closet IP to route the user’s request
    • Fail over – Health check must be set up.
    • Geo location – Based on user location. Routes request to a particular web server. This is different than Latency routing
    • Geo proximity – Traffic flow must be setup up. This policy uses complex rule to route traffic
    • Multi-value – Same as simple routing but requires health check be set

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